North Coast Distance Education

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Graduation Programs

NCDE offers Grade 10 to 12 level courses for youth and adults who are working toward a BC Dogwood High School Diploma.


Youth, age 15 to 19 working toward a BC Dogwood Diploma may work on individual courses in conjunction with their home school program advisor. Alternatively some students choose an entire high school program at NCDE in conjunction with our NCDE program advisor.


Youth and adults starting from age 18 may work toward an Adult Dogwood Diploma. This diploma requires a Language Arts 12, a Mathematics 11, and three more Grade 12 level courses. Social Studies 11 is recommended and counts as a Grade 12 course for the purpose of the Adult Dogwood. Adults may also take Planning 12 as a part of their program.


For more information on Programs, browse the course listing (click above). Enrol in a single course and indicate that you require a program plan. Your program plan will be made for you, and while you wait you can get started on your courses. As always, feel free to call the school.